Vampire Assassin

Production Status: Ready for Delivery
Directed By: Ron Hall
Starring: Ron Hall, Mel Novak & Rudy Ray Moore
Running Time: 90 minutes

As a child, Derek Washington’s father was murdered. Now, an adult and an officer of the LAPD Special Unit, he is conducting an unauthorized sting against notorious gangster, Gustoff Slovak. It ends in a blood bath where his team is killed and Derek must face the horror of something he could never have imagined, Slovak is actually a vampire!

Relieved from duty and shunned by his colleagues, Derek meets Master Kao, the last of a long line of great vampire hunters. Impressed with Derek, Master Kao agrees to instruct him in the ways of the assassin.

Derek learns that not only was Slovak once one of the most powerful vampire hunters but that Slovak also killed his father. If Derek hopes to stop Slovak then he must become what he hates most – a vampire!

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