The Abominable...

Production Status: Ready for Delivery
Directed By: Patrick Donahue
Starring: Heather DeVan, Nick Orefice, Jason DeVan & Hal Alpert
Running Time: 90 minutes

It started as a legend whispered in seaside taverns along the northern coast, the legend of a gigantic creature that walks the tundra like a man. It has many names: Yeti, Big Foot, and the Abominable Snowman. Jimmy Shea, noted wildlife photographer, believes these stories and has made it his life’s work to take a photograph of this legend. But Jimmy Shea is killed mysteriously so it is his beautiful daughter, Ally, an animal rights activist, who agrees to take on her father’s legacy. Even so, she is repulsed by her father’s partner, Jacko, who is a ruthless hunter providing animals for illegal experiments. But she will work with her avowed enemy to uncover this great discovery for one man’s quest for glory, her late father’s quest for glory.

They capture the creature bringing him back to San Francisco. On board, Jacko and his men badger and beat it. Ally cannot tolerate their cruelty and so, Jacko’s hunt for glory becomes one woman’s fight for freedom for both her and the creature. And when Jacko and his men make a move to harm Ally this most endangered species becomes the most dangerous of all.

The creature and Ally escape making a desperate stand on the Golden Gate Bridge. Combat helicopters zoom down firing but they discover the creature is not only incredible but also indestructible. And now they’ve made him…mad!

He is the Abominable…
60’ of vengeance served cold

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