SWAT: Warhead One

Production Status: Ready for Delivery
Directed By: Carribou Seto
Starring: Olivier Gruner, Rebecca Ferratti, Mel Novak & Gerald Okamura
Running Time: 100 minutes

Six years ago, in a fiery battle, Naval officer Luc Remmy (Olivier Gruner) failed to stop the Russian mafia from stealing a nuclear warhead from a secret cargo ship.

Now a Los Angeles SWAT captain, Remmy and his team come under public scrutiny for their risky tactics. The temperature rises when a counterfeiting sting operation goes bad, resulting in mass destruction and the death of Remmy's partner. Not even Remmy's wife (Rebecca Ferratti), a top surgeon at the county hospital, is able to save him.

In an effort to rebuild the damaged reputation of the police department, Lieutenant Howard assigns veteran television news reporter Dick Danvers (Mel Novak) on a "ride-along" with Remmy for 48 hours.

Determined to find his partner's killer, Remmy enters the underground world of counterfeiting controlled by crime lord Phillip Chang. Chang's technology experts have invented an ingenious counterfeiting process that creates virtually undetectable fake money. Chang secretly plans to use this money for the purchase of the stolen nuclear warhead from the Russian mafia.

In a sudden twist, one of Chang's own men, Jacky Yang, vies to overthrow him. He steals the warhead's detonator, floods the forgery system with a destructive computer virus, and goes on a bloody rampage.

Yang's luck runs out when he is critically wounded and hospitalized. Now under police custody at the hospital, Yang seeks immunity and agrees to turn state's evidence against Chang. Enraged, Chang and his men seize the hospital, and threaten to detonate explosives hidden within the hospital's walls. Called to the scene, Remmy discovers that Chang has taken his wife hostage and that Yang has hidden the nuclear warhead in the hospital. For Remmy, it is absolute redemption. For TV reporter Dick Danvers, it is the story of his career. But will the outcome save Los Angeles from nuclear destruction?

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