Rough Cut

Production Status: Ready for Delivery
Directed By: Sean Donahue
Starring: Richard Lynch, Sean Donahue & Denyse Wooldridge
Running Time: 90 minutes

Roughcut is an action packed, stunt driven adventure that erupts on the screen when Garret Dugan, a local Disc Jockey finds himself thrown into the scandalous underworld of diamond smuggling.

While on a hunting trip in beautiful Northern California, Garrett and his close friend Paul witness a diamond deal that end is murder, in their attempt to flee the scene, they are spotted and tracked down my Mr. Caine, North American’s largest diamond smuggler and his hit men. An explosive chase ensues, climaxed by Paul being thrown off a cliff leaving Garrett holding a bag of priceless diamonds.

On his return to the city, Garret seeks help from T.J., a longtime friend and street wise, hard edged cop. Having access to privileged police files, T.J. learns that no Federal Agency has been able to get close to Cain.

Garrett and T.J. plan the perfect "sting." Using the diamonds as bait, they are able to infiltrate Cain's operation. Unfortunately, T.J.'s cover is blown during a wild shoot-out he is caught in the cross-fire and killed, while Garrett narrowly escapes.

Caine is angered by the escape and exerts his power by kidnapping Carrie, Garrett’s girlfriend. Cain demands that Garrett turn over the diamonds in exchange for her life.

Determined to put an end to Caine’s corrupt underworld empire, Garrett single handedly outwits Cain and his men by leading them through a series of car chases, shoot-outs and ultimate do-or-die confrontation.

Join Garrett in his explosive fight where revenge is the name of the game.


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