Producer's Representative

Cine Excel has more than 20 years of distribution & film making experience in the field. Our company produces & distributes our own feature films. We can represent your film at various film markets as a Producer's Representative.

As a Producer's Representative, we:

  1. bring your film to various film markets
  2. email blast to 4,000+ buyers
  3. display your posters at the film market
  4. show your trailer to interested buyers
  5. give out screeners to interested buyers
  6. collect buyers’ database
  7. full feedback to you from all interested buyers & their contact information
  8. forward all email inquiries to you
  9. contact you immediately if there is an immediate deal (& with permission negotiate the best for you)
  10. review your film & give you an ½ hour pre-market consultation plan.

We do not:

  1. require commission from you. All money is 100% yours
  2. collect your money on your behalf. All payment is made directly between you & the distributor. Hence, there is no chance of cheating or non-payment.


  1. We do this for a flat rate US$895.00 for a film per market. We attend all major markets, such as:
    Hong Kong FilmArt, Cannes Marche Du Film, MIP-Com & MIP-TV and the AFM.

Your benefits & advantages:

  1. Market per Market contract
  2. You keep all your masters & materials
  3. You save thousands of dollars of setting up at film market yourself
  4. No need to pay outrageous sales commissions
  5. You supply your own materials yourself. Hence, there is no chance of distributor over charge you
  6. Discounted consultation rate; 50% off normal US$120 an hour, i.e. US$60.

Why we do it this way?

  1. We are the producers ourselves. We know producers need to optimize & maximize profits with their films.
  2. We are also the distributors. We know there are many ways to 'cheat' a producer. In this way you cannot be cheated.
  3. The marketability of your film is only judged by the film itself & not the library that it is marketed around & with.
  4. There is no safer way to distribute a film than we offer. A relatively insignificant cost for a film that you have worked so hard on & invested in.

What you need to do:

  1. Six weeks before the market we need your 100% commitment to 'pre-market' your film through our mailings, listings & email blast
  2. Two weeks before the market we need the followings:
    • A minimum of 50 copies of your 8.5" x 11" artwork with synopsis in back & with your contact information
    • A minimum of 20 DVD copies of your film marked "sample not for sale" at bottom & a 2 minute trailer at the head. (P.S. We know who the pirates are & who is not qualified. We do not randomly give out screeners to everyone)
    • An 18" x 24" poster of your film.

Note next deadline: Call us for November AFM

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