Power Elite

Production Status: Ready for Delivery
Directed By: Carribuou Seto
Starring: Olivier Gruner, Mel Novak & Rebecca Ferratti
Running Time: 100 minutes

Just days before the historical signing of the United Nations Chemical Warfare Treaty, the President of the United States (Mel Novak) is kidnapped while under the watchful eye of Secret Service agent, Taylor Malone (Damian Foster).

Meanwhile, the deadly nerve gas SK-12 is in its final stage of development. In a botched terrorist heist, former Navy SEAL, Trenton Renault (Oliver Gruner), successfully fends off the attackers yet is unable to prevent the nerve gas from being destroyed

Eventually, the former Naval flying mates (Renault and Malone) are reunited when assigned the daring mission of rescuing the President. Forced to work together as partners, tensions mount when old feelings resurface regarding their common love interest, Nation Security Advisor Amanda Davison (Rebecca Farratti).

After an exciting rescue mission that occurs moments before the signing of the international treaty, President Caine is taken hostage once again. This time, however, he learns that not only does SK-12 still exist, but that terrorist plan to release the lethal nerve gas into San Francisco's newest subway system.

In a race against time, Renault must find and deactivate the deadly device or Malone will be forced to destroy the subway tunnel with hundreds of passengers inside.

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