Pocket Ninjas

Production Status: Ready for Delivery
Directed By: Dave Eddy
Starring: Robert Z'Dar, Mel Novak, Joseph Valencia, Sondi & Brad Bufanda
Special Appearance by Gary Daniels
Running Time: 90 minutes

The evil Cobra Khan, leader of the Stingers, is polluting the environment with toxic waste supplied by Mr. Kaufman. When a superhero, known only as The White Dragon, is injured during a battle with Khan, the job of saving the universe is passed down to the Pocket Ninjas, three teenagers being taught by The White Dragon’s alter ego… Jack Crenshaw. When the three teenagers discover a Japanese comic, reality and fantasy become one.

Robert Z’Dar of Maniac Cop frame plays the evil Cobra Kahn. British action star Gary Daniels, fresh from Jackie Chans’ City Hunter plays The White Dragon, while Mel Novak from Bruce Lee’s Game of Death plays Mr. Kaufman. Newcomers Brad Bufanda, Joseph Valencia and Sondi play the Pocket Ninjas.

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Pocket Ninjas Artwork