Parole Violators

Production Status: Ready for Delivery
Directed By: Patrick Donahue
Starring: Sean Donahue, Pamela Bosley, Lindsey Rhodeos, Rey Garcia & Michael Kiel
Running Time: 90 minutes

No modern day avenger is quite like Myles Long. He targets ex-cons recently released from jail and then, with the help of a video camera, trails them until they violate their parole. Once the violator is captured by Myles, he is tied up with the video cassette prominently attached to him… this is Myles' infamous calling card.

Having been dismissed from the police force for using violent tactics in the bust of Chino – a psychotic child molester, Myles is dedicated to being a one man massed vigilante pitted against those who slip through the system.

The day Chino is paroled; Myles wants nothing more than to finalize his personal vendetta. He tracks down the criminal and face to face vows to put Chino back behind bars where he belongs.

Just as predicted, Chino kidnaps an innocent little girl, but Myles is nearby to witness the abduction. A high speed motorcycle pursuit ensues and due to our hero’s persistence, the girl is thrown from the getaway car. Chino is chased down and after a spectacular display of hand to hand combat, he narrowly escapes Myles' wrath.

In retaliation, Chino abducts another little girl. But this time Chino's target is someone close to Myles' heart… his girlfriend Tracy's daughter. Tracy though a dedicated police officer, throws aside her vows to the force and joins Myles to rescue her little girl and destroy Chino. As the duo take matters into their own hands, time after time Myles and Tracy must depend on their incredible Marital Arts techniques to keep themselves alive.

Myles and Tracy's plan for ambush lead them to an abandoned warehouse. They invade the hideout of their final explosive battle, a showdown climaxing in a multitude of rapid gunfire, car chases, spectacular high falls and an endless array of heart stopping stunts.

Many films claim they have non-stop action, but we guarantee Parole Violators delivers it!


Trailers coming soon.


Parole Violators Key Art