Production Status: In production
Directed By: Brett Piper
Starring: Anju McIntyre, Alison Whitney & Danielle Donahue

Deep in the Blackwoods Forest, a sexy TV host, Asia Buchanan, and her crew of Producer, Cameraman and Soundman set out in search to prove the existence of a legendary swamp creature called the Muckman. Finding concrete evidence will boost the careers of Asia, and her down-in-the-luck Creative Executive, Mickey O'Hara. Joining them are an eye witness to the creature and his two redneck cousins, all who have their own designs on the monster.

Our team uncovers strange footprints, unusual amphibious eggs in a nearby stream, and the uneasy feeling they are being watched. It isn't long before the swamp dweller is sighted, and chased deep into the murky swamps it calls its home. Night falls and terror mounts as the creature, sensing invaders into its territory, mounts an aggressive game of cat and mouse with the helpless production crew. The hunters have now become the hunted.

In a last ditch attempt to capture the creature, the stakes are dangerously high. With the help of the locals, a trap is set and the race is on. Mayhem unfolds as the creature goes on a rampage and a fight for survival begins. Their only chance of making it through the night hinges on the strange bond the creature shares with one of the female crew members. Horror has a new home! Horror has a new name! Muckman!


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Muckman Key Art