Magma: Earth's Molten Core

Production Status: Ready for Delivery
Directed By: Dom Magwili
Starring: Jason Johnson, Tina-Desireé Berg & Andrew Michaelson
Running Time: 90 minutes

It has the power of 10,000 atomic bombs,
a temperature of 1,160 C and
can travel up to 100 kilometers per hours.
It is Magma: Earth’s Molten Core.

J. Scott Johnson as Ryan Kristoff explodes like a volcano in this cosmic tale of natural destruction. Ryan, once a decorated naval captain must fight his past and inner demons to save his family from the "dormant" Mount Diablo.

His estranged wife (Tina-Desireé Berg), a distinguished geologist, realizes that the fabled Diablo is about to erupt. She embarks on a mission to convince the local authorities to evacuate the city.

Once the Mayor refuses to believe that the sleeping volcano has awoken, Ryan decides to take matters into his own hands. He hijacks a nuclear submarine with the intention of attacking Mount Diablo. However, If he aims too high, there will be radiation from the nuclear fallout; too low and the lava will flow even faster.

Can Ryan stop the Magma: Earth's Molten Core, or will Mount Diablo destroy them all?

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