Karate Wars

Production Status: Ready for Delivery
Directed By: David Hue
Starring: Christopher Wolf, Richard Rabago & Gerald Okamura
Running Time: 90 minutes

Karate master Oyama is a frustrated alcoholic. Jason, his top student, is now a troubled youth. What happens when the two meet again in a karate class for delinquent youths?

Karate Wars is a story of the greatest battles inside and outside of the ring. Oyama's war is resolving the guilt of an accidental death in a "Karate Wars" tournament. Jason's battle is overcoming self doubt. Together they must fight to war of regaining respect for each other.

When the "Karate Wars" tournament announces a million dollar prize, the rival "Warriors" issue an all-or-nothing challenge. Oyama's students tain rigorously, and for the first time, Jason and his classmates learn the virtues of discipline.

But a greater battle is still ahead. When the "Karate Wars" is cancelled, another war begins. "Karate Wars" becomes a private tournament without fame or money. The prize: self respect.

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