Ground Rules

Production Status: Ready for Delivery
Directed By: Patrick Donahue
Starring: Sean Donahue, Frank Stallone, Richard Lynch & Elizabeth Carabarin
Running Time: 90 minutes

Strap in for the ride of your life as a new, high octane sport test the skills of both man and machine in this heart-pounding game of winner takes all.

Formed several years ago by a few motocross experts for recreational entertainment, Battle Ball has risen in prominence to become San Francisco's most coveted underground gambling sport. Battle Ball features high-powered motocross teams equipped with metal claws, protective armor and a caged car which is used as the moving goal. Each match is broadcast via satellite into sports bars where illegal gambling has exploded into big business.

Jack Harris is part of the new breed of gung-ho riders who will stop at nothing to make the team. When his team’s best rider is nearly killed during a match, it is presumed an accident. After Mr. Blue, Jack’s mentor and inventor of the game, is mysteriously found dead, the sport which had innocently begun as harmless entertainment has now turned deadly.

A powerful Senator, Mr. Case and his hired guns Victor and Bones plan to take over the operation and legalize the gambling. First they must eliminate the new owner of the bar, Blues's daughter, Sharon, and persuade Jack to ride for their team.

Angered by Jack's rejection to join forces, Case solicits the help of his most ruthless rider and the game’s top player, Rick whose only object is to put Jack’s promising riding career into permanent retirement.

With the power and odds in Case's favor, Jack and Sharon devise a plan that could give them total control or cost them their lives. The stakes become even higher when the final bet is placed. Pitted against Rick in a winner-take-all final match, Jack is forced not only to win, but to ride for his life.

It began as a sport, now it's a war! Sparks ignite in this intense, adrenaline rush of high-risk combat. Ground Rules where there are no rules!


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