Production Status: Ready for Delivery
Directed By: Carribou Seto
Starring: Mel Novak, Tina-Desireé Berg & Richard Rabago
Running Time: 90 minutes

Giants, a rollicking invasion of giant killer ants taking over the world in the same tradition has Dr. Strangelove, Eight Legged Freaks, and The Lost Skeleton of Cadavera.

Immensely successful Professor Jonathan Caine (MEL NOVAK) has come out with a new book about his favorite subject, ants. He is known and respected all over the world but to his beautiful daughter, radio personality, Audrey Caine (TINA DESIREE BERG), he is an absentee parent. Nevertheless, Caine tries to heal the break between him and his daughter only to be called away to give another lecture on ants to a secretive multi-national corporation, Niles Industries, hidden in the Colorado wilderness. When he arrives he comes face-to-face with an ant of gigantic proportions, as big as a storage bin, captured by Niles Industries and waiting to be exploited by them. This was what Caine was called in for. How do you sell giant ants? Caine knows a dangerous situation when he sees it and tries to leave but they won’t let him.

Meanwhile, his daughter, Audrey, is worried more than she’d like to admit. But when the giant ant escapes so does Caine. The giant ant sends out a sonic signal that travels across the four corners of the world and suddenly giant ants are appearing everywhere!

Help comes in the hilarious form of Josh Jung (RICHARD RABAGO) and his son Pud (ALDEN VILLAVERDE). They are professional exterminators, students of Jonathan Caine, and fans of Audrey Caine’s traffic reports and radio show.

The military headed up by General Bonniville (W. COLIN MCKAY) take a heavy handed approach to the invasion of the giant ants which proves useless. The giant ants are everywhere. Where one is destroyed many more take its place. Only Audrey listens to the latest discovery by Josh and Pud of a new sonic weapon that can defeat the giant creatures. Ignored by the military she pipes the toxic sound vibrations through her nation-wide radio broadcast and all over the world giant ants are coming apart at the seams.

Audrey and the Jungs are called to New York where Caine tells his daughter the queen giant ant is still at large and birthing mutated ants that will be immune to the sound frequency. She was tracked to one of the New York City subway tunnels. Caine’s squad of ant hunters are defeated, Josh and Pud fail in their effort to stop the queen ant so it is left to Audrey piloting a military helicopter with Caine on board to clash with the queen high above the Statue of Liberty. The air battle of copter versus giant queen concludes with Caine and his daughter being victorious. But days later at a memorial at the base of the Statue of Liberty Caine discovers that one giant infestation was going to give way to another.

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