Expert Weapon

Production Status: Ready for Delivery
Directed By: Steve Austin
Starring: Ian Jacklin, Sam Jones, Joe Estevez, Judy Landers, Mel Novak & Julie Merril
Running Time: 95 minutes

Adam Collins (Ian Jacklin) made the biggest mistake a criminal could make. He murdered a police officer.

Awaiting execution, Adam is recruited by a secret government organization. Under the watchful eye of Janson (Sam Jones), the organization’s ruthless leader, and the training of martial arts expert Miller (Mel Novak), the psychotic weapons master Magnet (Joe Estevez), and the beautiful and seductive Lynn (Judy Landers), Adam is transformed into the Expert Weapon.

What was the hunted is now the hunter, the perfect killing machine but a machine with a heart.

When Adam decides he can kill no more, he falls for the blind wife (Julie Merrill) of the man he murdered. Pretending to be a better person than his violent past, he learns the value of life and love.

But there’s no leaving the organization and the Expert Weapon must kill, again!

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