New Journey at the Earth's Core

Production Status: In Production
Directed By: Mark Polonia
Starring: Corbin Jones, Anthony Polonia & Christina Jones

Three daring youths, David, Diana and Irene, in an adventure seeking quest, visit David's Uncle, the great Professor Innes. In his lab, they discover the "Earth Explorer", a subterranean drilling machine, his latest invention, designed so the Professor can re-visit a fabled underground world he discovered many years ago. Mischief gets the better part of the kids, and along with the Professors faithful dog Moochie, they accidentally activate the machine and their journey to the earth's core begins.

The surprised and incredulous youths discover a world beyond their imaginations. A world populated by dinosaurs, strange creatures, and cave people that have existed under their feet the entire time. The Professor was right all along. Attempting to take specimen samples to bring back to the surface to prove the Professors theory, the group is captured by the strange cave-people, who are amazed with their amazing technology, such as cell phones, eye glasses and music players.

Danger erupts when a warring tribe, a race of lizard creatures, captures the kids so they can use their machine to escape to the upper world and become rulers of a new land. Fighting against time and a lava spewing volcano, our pint size heroes must defeat the lizard people, and work together as a team to escape, as they discover the value of friendship and loyalty. Action and Science Fiction, inspired by the writings of Jules Verne and Edgar Rice Burroughs, fuel this exciting family adventure certain to entertain all ages!


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