Carnival Evil

Production Status: Ready for Delivery
Directed By: David Huey
Starring: Amanda Earl, Matt Felten & "Barefoot" Bill Pacer
Running Time: 90 minutes

If you were awaken from unconsciousness in a strange place with four other hostages, what questions would you ask yourself? Why have I been abducted? What does the kidnapper or do the others have to do with me? Who would I trust? These were the questions asked by the sole survivor Laci O’Neil (Amanda Earl).

Laci, who is now a patient at an insane asylum, is watching a movie while on a field trip. Suddenly, she screams, breaking from her catatonic state as something on the screen triggers a repressed memory from her terrifying past. It was only a year ago when she was abducted. Slowly, one by one, she witnessed the others being tormented, killed and filmed at an abandoned carnival.

For the cold-blooded murderers, the carnival rides and attractions that symbolize fun and games are viewed as convenient killing machines. Don Lavery (Pat Donahue) is senselessly tortured as the human target in a game of darts and then decapitated on the tracks of a high-speed roller coaster. Angela Landis (Katie Rowlett) is brutally raped on a carousel and then killed on the bumper cars ride where the sign “No Bumping” is intentionally ignored. Jack Abramson (Matt Felten) gets his eyes shot out at the Shooting Star BB gun game before suffering an atrocious death at the bottle toss game for the prize of pleasure. And the limbs of Dr. Bradley Milton (Jim Dailey) are swiftly chopped off by the undeniable force of the whirling tornado ride.

Although the captors inject Laci with another dose of pain killers, she still manages to dislocate her bounded arms to escape but not without finding out her fiancée is at the carnival. Courageously, she takes out “The Carnies” (Peter Webb & Terrance Parham) by beating them at their own game and tracks down the mastermind behind the killings (Bill Pacer). Their fight ensues on the Ferris wheel as she quickly discovers her connection with each of the victims and the sadistic killer. Each one of the captives is a part of the film business: a producer, an actor, a literary agent, a film professor and Laci, a movie executive. Coincidentally, they all have turned down offers by the killer who wanted to produce and direct his screenplay. Now, the killer seeks vengeance by using them as the talent in his script, making the film as real as it can be, with a “believable cast.”

After surviving the ordeal and being confined to an insane asylum for the past year, ironically, Laci sees herself as a star in a movie she refused to produce.

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