Capital Punishment

Production Status: Ready for Delivery
Directed By: David Hue
Starring: Gary Daniels, David Carradine, Tadashi Yamamshita & Ava Fabian
Running Time: 90 minutes

Underground club fighter James Thayer (Gary Daniels) is recruited by the Drug Enforcement Agency. His mission: to stage the death of a kick boxing champion; the only witness who can incriminate Drug Lord Kenji Nakata (Tadashi Yamashita).

Nakata, developer of the new drug “Kick” is also the martial arts master of Thayer. Nakata must meet his deadline for delivery. The drawback: “Kick” creates birth defects.

Thayer actually kills the champion and is framed by the chief of police (David Carradine). He learns he’s been Nakata’s guinea pig and his wife (Ava Fabian) is pregnant. Wanted for murder and suffering the pains of withdrawal, Thayer must clear his name and stop the distribution of “Kick”.

After forty action packed fights, dozens of twists, explosions, fire stunts, and a high fall of seven thousand feet, it is “Student versus Master”. Only one will receive the “Capital Punishment”.

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