The Black Forest

Production Status: Ready for Delivery
Directed By: David Hue
Starring: Richard Norton, James Van Patten, Don Stroud & Lynn-Holly Johnson
Running Time: 90 minutes

The year is 2090. Earth’s nuclear waste is disposed in an area in space known as The Black Forest.

Thomas Stanton (Richard Norton) retires from the Special Rangers after a near death experience with an android bounty hunter (Big John Studd) and transfers to a nuclear disposal unit. On board the Starship Centaur 112, six crew members awake only to find their ship low on fuel. Arias (Lynn-Holly Johnson) proposes to modify the shuttle craft for a three year return voyage instead of the calculated 22 years. However, the shuttle can only accommodate one person.

Tubbs (Ron O’Neal) wins the lottery to return home but is accused of cheating by the Captain (James Van Patten); Drezak (Don Stroud) tires to steal the shuttle but is caught by the rest of the crew.

Villalobos (Rebecca Cruz) tries to seduce Tubbs into taking her with him. She later finds Tubbs dead, killed by his own creature known as a Hykra. Stanton is accused of murdering Tubbs. Villalobos threatents to destroy the shuttle unless Stanton gives her the access code. Drezak stops her by shooting her but only to demand the access code himself.

Stanton, after a search and destroy battle with Drezak, finds Arias who believes she has just killed the Captain in self-defense. Arias and Stanton make a pact to work together as they try to create a short circuit to erase the shuttle’s computer in order to program a new access code. However, their attempt is interrupted by Drezak, who kills Arias. During the fierce battle, Stanton finds out that Drezak is an android who has been programmed to survive by each of the crew member’s greed.

In a last survival effort, Drezak is sucked out through an airlock into space, leaving Stanton as the sole survivor from The Black Forest.

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