American Streetfighter

Production Status: Ready for Delivery
Directed By: Steve Austin
Starring: Gary Daniels, Ian Jacklin, Gerald Okamura & Tracy Dali
Running Time: 90 minutes

In America, there’s a new wave of crime and a new crime lord. Jake Tanner – for 10 years he disappeared. For ten years he left a life behind him. Now, he must come back to save a brother he hardly knows and meet a child that is his own.

Ogawa, the criminal mastermind, has conceived a scheme to export illegal contraband through dead bodies. Posing as a fight promoter, he recruits the toughest, the most desperate, the nameless fighters with nothing else to lose.. and who won’t be missed if they do.

There are battles fought in the ring, in the streets, for love and for honor… but now Jake Tanner faces the battle of his life. To save his brother, he must make the ultimate sacrifice.

When the war takes you home, and home is the streets, that’s when you become the American Streetfighter.

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